Trade name:One side color steel composite air duct with modified phenolic fiber

Item number:ZF-10



Product details

Mina modified polyphenolics polycrystalline fiber one-sided color steel composite air duct is a new type of air duct developed by absorbing the advantages of the composite air pipe at home and abroad and the traditional galvanized iron air pipe. The core layer adopts modified phenolic polycrystalline fiber foam material, the outer layer is coated with high temperature baking painted steel sheet, and the inner layer uses aluminum foil with layer corrosion protection treatment, which has superior performance and is the generation of high-end wind pipe products. Table.

Ten features of the product

01.Energy saving and heat preservation, saving energy consumption;

02.Clean and sanitary to ensure air quality;

03.Anti wind pressure, wide range of use;

04.Heat insulation and fire protection to improve the safety of buildings;

05.Sound absorption and noise reduction to create a peaceful space;

06.Save space and improve limited space;

07.Light weight, reduce building load;

08.The construction is simple and the construction period is shortened;

09.Beautiful and durable, long service life;

10.The loss is very small and the construction cost is reduced.

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