Brand positioning

To promote energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection of the industry as its own responsibility, focusing on the application of rail transit construction projects, integrating customization, integration and diversification into one, leading the development of the industry.

Brand advantage

  • Channel advantage

    12 marketing agencies with sales network covering the whole country

    Since 2005, the company has set up 12 marketing offices with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the core, radiating many surrounding provinces and covering the whole country.

  • Product advantage

    Foreign advanced technology and high quality products

    The introduction of foreign high-tech equipment and the creation of high-quality products have met the national standards through various tests conducted by the state authorities Cooperate with many domestic scientific research institutions to provide strong support for product upgrading and R & D Undertake a number of national major projects and obtain the inspection and approval of relevant departments.

  • Service advantages

    Professional technical team, shaping market reputation

    The company has a professional installation team, strong technical force, with the ability to undertake the installation of large projects, to provide customers with integrated design, installation, maintenance services. Relying on the rich engineering practice experience and first-class service spirit of the professional installation team, it has become a strong guarantee for Zhongchuang to win the market trust.

  • Advantage of scientific research

    Innovative scientific research team, leading the development of the industry

    The company has a research center. The company has established strategic partnership with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University and other well-known domestic scientific research institutions, worked closely with China Aerospace Science and technology group to explore the civil road of aerospace technology, and developed a number of new products with aerospace technology.