Starting period 2002~2006

  • 2002year:

    Deqing Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and the first composite air duct assembly line of Zhongchuang was developed by introducing foreign technology. In the same year, it passed the supervision and audit of iso9001:2002 and ISO / 14

  • 2003year:

    Hangzhou Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and Hangzhou Zhonghao HVAC equipment installation Co., Ltd., a supporting service company, was established to provide service guarantee for the projects undertaken.

  • 2004year:

    It has won two patent certificates in the connection between composite air duct sandwich panel and air duct. In the same year, it was rated as "advanced enterprise of investment in Hangzhou" and "trustworthy enterprise", and successfully signed the e

  • 2005year:

    It has set up 12 marketing offices with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the core and radiating to many surrounding provinces and cities.

  • 2006year:

    Since its establishment, it has achieved 600 good results in projects undertaken and supply projects.

    Growing period 2007~2011

  • 2007year:

    "Mina" brand air duct products have been selected into the major national projects such as the Olympic Games and the World Expo, and have been highly recognized by the national authorities. In the same year, Shaoxing Dajin Technology Co., Ltd., a sod

  • 2009year:

    "Mina" brand air duct products were selected into the Guangzhou Asian Games series project, and became the designated ventilation products of multiple venues.

  • 2010year:

    "Mina" brand is rated as "China famous brand" by the national high tech construction industrialization Committee, the most influential brand in China's wind pipe industry, and "Mina" brand product is rated as "China key project construction promotion

  • 2011year:

    It won the bid for Hangzhou new east railway station hub, and at the same time, it refreshed the performance of "Mina" brand air duct products in 28 high-speed railway stations in China.

    Take-off period 2012~2016

  • 2012year:

    The company was selected as "Zhejiang high tech enterprise" and participated in the preparation of the national fire protection standard for composite air duct - gb8624-2012.

  • 2012year:

    Hangzhou Zhongchuang successfully acquired Linghu Industrial Park, South Taihu Economic Development Zone, Huzhou, and established Zhejiang Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2013year:

    Shenzhen Futian station, the first large-scale underground comprehensive hub station connecting national railway and urban rail, was successfully awarded the bid.

  • 2015year:

    Bank of Nanjing shares Zhejiang Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd., the company's capital on the road.

  • 2016year:

    In cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, aerospace technology was introduced, and the road of civil aerospace technology was explored. And won the title of "top 100 most growing science and technology enterprises in Zhe